Monday, May 03, 2010

The Blog of Helios: Austin Group Prepares for Linux Against Poverty.

Linux Against Poverty June 19 2010 is building a couple hundred computer for kids in Austin Texas. I think this is a great Idea and needs some support. Maybe we could do something like this here in the Portland Oregon Metro Area.

AlThough the prices at Green Century recycling with the Linux Mint 7 preloaded are more than resaonable.

The Green Century Recycle Center in Portland south west waterfront
SBK Recycle $36 1.5Ghz 512MB Linux Mint 7 ---- $70 2.8Ghz 1Gbyte Linux Mint 7

6932 SW Macadam, Suite D
Portland, OR 97219

Beaverton Oregon $50 ubuntu Linux computer
EcoBinary LLC
8260 SW Nimbus Ave. BLDG 3
Beaverton, OR. 97008
PH: 503-887-9790

OK Computers used computer parts, sales & service
Tel: 503 895-6653
4040 S.W. 114th Ave. Beaverton OR 97005
Great service good prices.

Puppy Linux to the rescue!

Barry K's Puppy Linux around 105Megabyte Linux Distro. Can even be installed to a 128 Megabyte Flash Drive

pick one of these puplets here from the NEWs section

Need a spanish Puppy Linux.

Molinux Zero 2.0 is based on Bobby 1.0 which in turn is based on Puppy Linux 4.20. Go to the download page.

Molinux Zero 2.0 se basa en Bobby 1,0 que a su vez está basada en Puppy Linux 4.20. Ir a la página de descarga.

Molinux Zero can operate in old PC - it will operate in minimum 166Mhz processor, 32Mb Ram + Swap (64MB recommended), + 20 x CDROM drive and hard drive.

Molinux Zero puede funcionar en PC antiguos - que operará en el procesador de 166Mhz mínimo, 32MB RAM + Swap (se recomiendan 64 MB), + 20 x unidad de CD-ROM y disco duro.

For feedback, visit the Forum.

Para comentarios, visite el Foro.

¿Qué es MoLinux?

MoLinux es una iniciativa de la JCCM para introducir a la comunidad castellano-manchega en la vanguardia de la Información. El proyecto MoLinux ataca la brecha digital reduciendo los costes del software y ofreciendo un sistema operativo fácil de usar. MoLinux es un sistema operativo general. Pronto estarán disponibles versiones modulares adaptadas a usos más específicos

Use any Linux for a high quality computer user environment.

Check out Puppy Linux.

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