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Vote the Lemmings Out!
Cartoon Drawing created by Jay M. Browning Astoria Oregon Axe Men Logger.

Here is Axe Man Logger Jay Brownings thoughts and cartoon drawing.

Logger J.M. Browning Letter concern for the economic recession on Small Business by the Government policys
This letter was published in the "Letters to Editor" of the March 2010 issue of Loggers Worled.

Logger J.M. Browning Phoenix Cartoon Drawing on the Stimulus Bill

J. M. Browning Reply to Representative District 31 D-Clatskanie Brad Witt

Oregon State Website for Representative District 31 Brad Witt

What are your thoughts on how to eliminate (vote out the lemmings, April 2010 issue Loggers World), Michael Crouse (editor of Loggers World and Log Trucker) .

Vote out the Lemmings!

Perhaps most bizarre is the “march of the lemmings” we are witnessing as the congressional majority worms its way through approving legislation on what is quaintly referred to as “health care reform,” which the vast majority of Americans are vehemently opposed too. The ideologically driven agenda has little to do with the reform that's needed, and has ballooned to a behemoth of complexity sure to feed bureaucratic health for decades to come.
The legacy to our children is unprecedented in its debt and unlike any left to future generations in our nation's history.
We pray that people are sufficiently inflamed and motivated to push the lemmings over the edge and out of sight. The key remains finding candidates with some sorta of sanity who will in fact carry their convictions on the election trail on into their actions once elected.

The Lemmings.... (email note from Michael Crouse)

I had lived in what is now the Wu congressional district, although that's been 25 years ago now. Even at that point in time, the district was strongly influenced by the start of "political correctness" cancer that has given us the rabble we now have in congress.

Its difficult to talk financial constraint when the district is populated by folks who have little fiscal constraint in their own lives. Its possible that audience may be fiscally conservative and do not spend beyond their means, however its more likely they in fact buy into this politically correct cancer that is consuming the nation.

At a guess... as i've not given this particular district any thought since moving to Washington in 1984... my first appeal would be to our children, grandchildren and others in future generation who are being spent to the poor house by their parents. There is no free lunch, never had been, never will be. The best way to fix that is electing people who have a back bone, can say no to spending, thus no to new taxes, make priority spending decisions that in fact will eliminate levels of government and governmental employment. This is NOT the message that government workers wish to hear. Nonetheless its the message that will bring government sprawl under control IF we have the courage to elect someone with the courage to be very unpopular for doing the work that needs to be done.

The colleges, and schools will not like this at all. Nor will federal, state, regional, or county government. Nor will the legal community who feeds up to their bellies and beyond at the public trough. The campaign then will likely be pushed to "fair" versus good management and public policy designed to benefit the public rather than the minions dependent on public employment.

Winning is demonstrating to the voting public that presently it is their ox being gored, and it is costing not onlyi their children's future but their grandchildren's as well.

Wu and the Democrat leadership were handed the reigns by the Republican parties spending, borrowing, and growing government, rather than controlling and stopping all of those things. The Republicans need to actually demonstrate they will not lose all memory of constraint, and commitment to sound management and controlling government girth and actually doing the bold deed and stopping it. I assure you from experience, you do not get loved for eliminating programs and re-ordering priorities. A lot of very smart people dedicated to largess will fight it tooth and nail to the death.

However, our future depends on it. Freedom depends on it. The collapse we saw in the Communist block came because they ran out of other people's money, just as Greece and Spain are experiencing currently. We'll meet that same fate if we continue on the Obama-esque route. I agree in hope and change... but we need to do this with the idea of what is best for the country rather than this or that constituency.


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From: Fred Finster
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 8:14 am
Subject: Hello Mr. Crouse, Hope your cold is better this week.

Mike, yes keep the deadlines happy first :>) and I do hope your nasty cold has mellowed out. Hope to hear your thoughts on "Voting the Lemmings" out in November.


Fred Finster
503 400-9106

p.s. My candidate for Oregon Congressional District 1, John Kuzmanich and the other candidate Douglas Keller won 56% of the total (14,567 + 14,245 = 28,809 votes) versus Rob Cornilles 41% ( 21,113 votes) so John and Doug split the vote and Rob won. I believe either Doug or John would have been a better US Congress representative than Rob, but now I must support Rob Cornilles to eliminate David Wu ( the incumbent lemming for Congressional District 1 who has been in for many years) in the November General election. The question being ( 51,300 versus 74,800 votes) will the Oregon voters choose the new guy Rob Cornilles, or keep the lemming they know David Wu.
What are your thoughts on how to eliminate (vote out the lemmings), Michael.

Oregon State May 18th 2010 Primary Election results

Votes Percent

_________________ _________________
Douglas Fitzgerald Keller
14,567 28.36%
John Kuzmanich
14,245 27.73%
Stephan Andrew Brodhead
1,192 2.32%
Rob Cornilles
21,113 41.11%
Write-in Votes
245 0.48%

_________________ _________________

Totals: 51,362 100%

Votes Percent

_________________ _________________
David Robinson
13,880 18.54%
David Wu
60,705 81.08%
Write-in Votes
288 0.38%

_________________ _________________

Totals: 74,873 100%

It might be possible for Rob Cornilles to win against David Wu for CD1, if Rob supports cutting government.

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Hear from their own mouth.
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