Friday, April 15, 2011

April 14, 2011 Filling out Fillable 2010 TAX Forms from the Government Using Evince PDF Viewer on Linux Mint 8 Helena. Check out if you cant FILL in the PDF fillable form from your linux desktop with Evince Viewer. My Federal 1040 form file f1040.pdf worked great in Evince, but My State form Oregon 40S I could not fill in the form blocks, so I punted and used the website A Free PDF Fillable form Website that allowed me to print out my Filled Form and also save it to my hard disk for future printing.

Below is a list of othe Links and tools that I found. Oregon 40S tax form download is the webpage I used to fill out the Oregon Tax Form 40S. IRS website to download 1040 form from.

QPDF is the program I downloaded to try to take decryption off from the file.

Evince worked with the Federal 1040 form, but not with the 2008 Oregon 40S form. What Gives?

Article about filling out Canadian TAX Revenue Forms Saving Fillable Forms PDF Online password remove.

i * remove restrictions on any secured PDF document (you should have the right to do it, for example, if you forgot the password). Any Acrobat version up to 9 is supported, even with 128-bit AES or 128-bit RC4 encryption. PDF restrictions removal is an instant process. Unlocked file can be opened in any PDF viewer without any restrictions so you may edit/copy/print it.
* remove the PDF open password. Decryption of the file with password for opening is guaranteed for PDF files Any Acrobat version up to 9 is supported, even with 128-bit AES or 128-bit RC4 encryption,but you must know the password first.

Four methods to creating Fillable Forms with Adobe Acrobat. Found PDFEscape.Com
Website from this link

Found this from germany abuot filling out Tax forms that are encrypted to
keep you from saving your work or printing out with your filled in values.

Linux Magazine article about PDFTool Kit and filling out Tax forms with FDF.

Open Tax Solver 2010 version 8.05
tiny description

Chase Bank Routing Numbers

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