Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HELLOTUX European Linux clothes

I enjoy using Linux Mint 8 Helena Operating System on my computer. Now I can purchase a T-shirt to advertise Linux Mint to my friends.

Here is the direct link that I googled for purchasing a Linux Mint Polo Shirt. Select your country, then you will arrive, to purchase your T-Shirt with worldwide shipping.

Buy Linux Mint Polo Shirt.

Linux Mint Polo Shirt

Linux Mint T-Shirt

Wear Linux Mint proudly!

Want to help advertise/sell Mint T-Shirts on your website?

http://hellotux.com Main webpage entry. I enjoyed looking at all HelloTux products. Buy an LinuxTux labeled cooking apron for your summer barbeque.

Linux Mint 8 Helena start page Linux Mint 8 Helena start page
Linux Mint Home page
Announcement Here at Mint Blog Linux Mint Blog announcement of Polo Shirt availability

I like Polo Shirt / T-Shirts, you might also enjoy them, too. Alrighty Then, Fred

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