Friday, April 29, 2011

Hope and Change working for you? with rising gas prices and rising food prices? Post your protest vote with a Yellow Sticky Note.
See this Facebook Page for an example and a nice video.

FaceBook Hope & Change Yellow Sticky Note Event

This is definitely a grass roots campaign idea to encourage others to think when they fill their gas tank or buy food at the store.

Here is the Original Link with still camera pictures of Yellow Sticky notes on Gas Pumps, Store Shelves, Hot Pink Bowling balls.
Sticky Yellow Note Pictures and article

Note from RabidCaveman :
Just read this article, and I would have NO PROBLEM with these notes, in either of my stores.

Guerilla warfare, along with the constant bombardment of these sticky notes, can only educate those who eat food, drive vehicles, and drink liquids, even though they vote for the enemy.

Note from Common_Cents says:
Many people do not see the connections between stuff they read online/paper about DC policy Fed policy, taxes, inflation etc…and their own lives. They talk about the stuff or ignore it like it is another planet.

The disconnection is what the DC elites want. Like hiding tax collection forcing gas stations to collect it, forcing employers to collect it etc….

These type of direct links from wallet to Obama are powerful.

Our strategy should be strongly linking the two in a tangible way.

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