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Today two incompatible and irreconcilable philosophies — freedom and socialism — compete for our nation’s future and the stage is set for one of the greatest debates in the history of the American Republic.

October 8, 2011
A Second Term for Obama Would Make the United States Go as California Has Gone
By Rep. Tom McClintock

Note: Congressman Tom McClintock delivered the following speech to the Council for National Policy:

Second Term for Obama would make the United States go as California has gone!

Here is a very clear written description of Why "Anybody But Obama" ( ABO ) is imperative for 2012 Presidential Election. I, myself, Like Herman Cain for President because he is not a politician. Herman tells it like it truly is.
Herman Cain Website

I also frequent this independent website for ideas on how to support Herman Cain.
Nerds 4 Cain website

My question that I hope you comment on is this: "You can convince me on your point of view (ideas) with facts, figures. But give the same information to a Liberal voter, and they will continue to spout back their feelings, opinions, and non-sensible ideas. How would one frame an argument or 30 second speech to reach the mind of a Liberal voter, who is convinced that Obama is leading us in a good direction and would vote for Obama in 2012?"

It seems as long as a person has a job, gets paid every two weeks, and can pay the mortgage or rent, the car payment, the food and other bills, that they don't pay much attention to political information. When that same person gets a pink slip and starts to look for a job and finds none out there that will pay his mortgage, that he is more likely to engage his mind to understand facts and figures. (ie that the government spent too much money and is going broke!) Until that time, he will continue to follow the democratic talking points. What do you think? Comments Please!

I was out trucking in the Midwest during November 3, 2010 election night and was amazed to see republican state legislatures and governors win! I wondered what happened in California. Why they picked a politician Jerry Brown over a woman Meg Whitman who actually ran a Billion Dollar business? I wonder how high does unemployment need to be (or how big a California State deficit, 28 billion dollars?), before voters will change course and vote for republicans and fiscal responsibility. I guess 12 percent is not enough. How about 15% or 20%

I remember seeing the signs posted in the farmers fields about how the government locked up the water and made the land a desert again! (No Water, No Crops, No Food, No Jobs, No Money)
What were they thinking about? As a 2012 Voter, use your mind to learn the facts and figures and make your best choice! Learn from California's mistake and don't repeat it in your neighborhood.

Fred Finster

ps. Why Vote for Herman Cain. Read this Blog.
Nerds 4 Cain Blog 689

Herman Cain is drawing voters to him seemingly out of nowhere. The stories are countless of people that went to a straw poll event intent on voting for someone else, hearing Herman Cain speak, and immediately changing their vote. Once people hear Herman Cain, they love Herman Cain. His clear and powerful speaking ability draws supporters to him. The highest voter intensity rating, charisma, a powerful speaker—that’s the formula for a winner. If a winner is what you’re looking for, why not Herman Cain?

Herman Cain says, Wall Street Protesters need to get a job

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I agree with your second point. The country is tired of Obamanomics. If Steve Jobs tried to start Apple today, it would get strangled in the crib by regulations.

It takes 6 weeks to open a burger restaurant in Texas. It takes 2 years to open the same restaurant in California because of all the regulations.


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Concrete examples, not meaningless slogans.
Common_Cents Monday, October 10th at 12:41PM EDT (link)
“It takes 6 weeks to open a burger restaurant in Texas. It takes 2 years to open the same restaurant in California because of all the regulations.”

Exactly right. This stuff gets peoples’ attention. Not, “let’s put America back to work again”, duh?

Leaders don’t create movements. Movements create leaders. Get involved. Your future depends on it.

Govt “invests” YOUR tax money for POLITICAL return rather than economic return.

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