Saturday, January 23, 2016

Business Card for Ben Carson to share

Post for Ben Carson for President supporters. 
Ben Carson Business Card
Ben Carson Business Card Idea

Right click and print or save PDF file to a USB flash drive for printing later at a Copy Shop. Hand out some business cards to strike up a conversation with people you meet during the day.

I made a business card that prints out on a two column by five in a row, 2" x 3.5" card on a 8.5" x 11" Letter size paper or 80 lb card stock. You can find the business card here: You can take this file down to your copy shop (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, FedEx Office center) and print out a few sheets on 80lb card stock. Have them cut them out for you or shear the cards your self.
You can download software writer software and modify the source .ODT file by right click and save as

More detailed instructions on creating/modifying a business card on my blog post here
Directions for shearing paper into 10 business cards:
  1.  Make the first cut on top of 8.5 x 11" paper, Trim excess header area. 
  2.  cut down the left side of the cards, leaving 1/8th" to 3/16th" paper on the left side of the card. 
  3.  cut down the right side of the cards with the 1st cut up top next to ruler. Measure 7 inches from left side to where right side cut is placed ( 7 / 2 = 3.5 inches card.) 
  4. Place right cut side up top next to ruler. Measure 10 inches. Now cut excess footer area off. Measure 8 inches cut ( 2 inch card). Measure 6 inches, cut Measure 4 inches cut, Measure 2 inches cut. 
  5. Place two 7 x 2 inch cards (double stack) up next to ruler. Measure 3.5 inches, cut. You will now have 4 business cards, 2 "x 3.5 " \
  6. Repeat again 
  7. Place last 7 x 2 inch card up next to ruler. Measure 3.5 inches. cut. You now have all 10 business cards cut from one sheet of 80lb card stock paper. Cut two sheets at once, and you can have 20 cards. 
  8. select a color like Sandstone or a grey color. or bright yellow 
  9. Share these cards and spread the word.

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