Tuesday, June 04, 2013

17 Trillion. Doubling down on dumb, by chasing a utopian dream

Make different choices in 2014 election!

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“Investing” in Dems is Like Lending to “Eddie Mush” | JSL Consulting

Over the past several years, the President and his Party have been “doubling down on dumb” by “chasing” a utopian dream that, like gambling, has no chance of “winning the future” in the real world. Even as we approach $17 trillion in debt, their “solution” is always to “invest” more of our tax dollars in failed policies.

Why do they continue to do this?

Simply put, we let them. They never get “shut off” by the voters or the banks. They raise taxes and fees, pile on costly new regulations and tell their friends at the Fed to print more money.
Thanks to JSL Consulting John LaRosa for writing this post.
Why read this post, because it is CLEARLY WRITTEN and points out a problem we the voting public needs to solve.

Vote the political equivalents of “Eddie Mush” out of office in 2014 and beyond.

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