Monday, July 15, 2013

4 GUI tools to use under Windows to create a Linux Live bootable USB Flash Drive

You can test drive a Linux Distro by creating a bootable USB Flash drive. Then reboot your PC with out having to install anything. This is not a Microsoft style install, lumbering or slow! Puppy Linux is snappy because it loads itself into RAM, if you have 256Mbytes of RAM

Create an emergency boot USB Flash Drive for future need. Most computers built after 2004, Have a BIOS that can boot from a USB Flash drive. Have an older computer, like my HP that can not boot from a USB Flash drive? Check out plopkexec or plpbt boot manager.

Read this post to find a GUI tool to test drive Linux for Free!
4 GUI Tools for Windows post/ I like Linux Live USB for creating a bootable Live Linux on a USB Flash drive.

Rufus USB Installer is a quick, new and upcoming program to try. It is the fastest of the USB Installer utilities.

YUMI Multiboot USB Creator is a recognized leader. A YUMI user/commentator installed 14 Linux Distros on one 32 Gigabyte drive, which he found useful to demonstrate to his Windows Using friends.
LiveUSB Multiboot french page
UnetBootin USB Installer for Windows, MAC OS, & Linux

My Favorite Linux:

Puppy Linux Precise 5.6 compatible with Ubuntu Precise Pangolin software repositories. or Slacko Linux 5.5 compatible with Slackware 14 repositories.
Precise or Slacko are under 200 Megabytes .ISO file size. But Puppy & Slacko have A VERY COMPLETE selection of applications in their distro that you would want to get started:
  • "surfing the web"
  • "Playing music or videos"
  • "Writing a document".
  • Spread Sheet
  • VoIP PuppyPhone
  • Xchat IRC
  • Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

Linux Mint 14 or 15 is a large Linux (3 Gigabytes) with the latest Linux Mint software repositories.

Burn ISO to CD

ISO Recorder a free power tool to write a .ISO file to a CD or DVD. Useful for downloading a Linux .ISO file and burning a bootable Cd or Dvd.

Links to Other Documentation

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